New volunteers signed up at Recruitment Fayre


Riverside Community found itself quite a draw at the recent Volunteer Recruitment Fayre hosted by ngage Thurrock, an organisation that promotes active citizenship and voluntary opportunities.

Just one of a number of organisations offering voluntary work opportunities in Thurrock, RCBL found itself in the middle of fierce competition to snag as many willing volunteers as possible during the three hour event. Rob and Anita, the recruitment team for the event, managed to charm and capture quite a high number of potential volunteers with their friendly and contagious enthusiasm for the project.

In quite a coup for the team, a whole family signed up as potential volunteers within the first hour and the people just kept on coming with ideas and offers of help for future events being planned.

As befits a project that is dedicated to building a strong and cohesive community spirit in the Grays Riverside area, the ethnic mix of the people who signed up to volunteer was fantastically broad and just what is needed to bring about a fully integrated, successful and, most importantly, great community to live in.

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Introducing Local People to UnLtd Star People Awards

Five local residents were invited to meet Roland Singer-Kingsmith, a social entrepreneurship manager from UnLtd, on 12th May to pitch their ideas for social enterprises that will benefit the Grays Riverside.

UnLtd provides support for budding social entrepreneurs across the UK including direct investment through their Awards Scheme and the type of practical support that an individual needs to get their project from the idea stage to an actionable business.

Roland’s team at UnLtd work with the various Big Local projects across the UK, one of which is Riverside Community, through the ‘Star People’ programme.

The projects discussed at the meetings cover a diverse range of ideas all of which are seen to have some beneficial value for the local community either directly through the delivery of services or indirectly through increased economic activity.

Three local residents who attended the Riverside Community AGM have already shown themselves to be eligible for the ‘Star People’ programme so if you have an idea for a social enterprise and you live in the Grays Riverside area, you can come down to the Riverside Community office and we can arrange a meeting with one of UnLtd’s ‘Star People’ team or you can go to

AGM a complete success – a full compliment of residents now on board!

AGM-photoThe recent Annual General Meeting of Riverside Community Big Local was hailed a complete success having achieved all the objectives for the group on 12th May.

Being a community project, it is important that the Board is comprised of a majority of residents from the area and this was achieved at the meeting with a complement of nine local residents showing their community spirit and desire for real change in the Grays Riverside area by becoming the bedrock for the new Board. The Board is supplemented with six non-resident members.

The business of the meeting was completed with the Board, whilst retaining the broad strokes, long-term vision for the project, setting the priorities for the immediate and up-coming projects, strengthening the vision for a better and more cohesive community for Grays Riverside.

AGMThe meeting was open to the public so that people with ideas could come forward with ideas to improve the community and get an idea of what the project is all about. Although the turnout was not as large as was hoped, three ideas were presented for community projects that were filled with enough potential to be put forward for the ‘Star People’ programme which gets people access to possible funding streams and assistance to realise their ideas.

For more information on the ‘Star People’ programme, administrated by UnLtd, go to their website –

Grays Riverside Community Big Local – A Big Project to make a Huge Difference.

[cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”4×3″ width=”640″ volume=”50″ videos=”3196″]A group of local residents in the Grays Riverside area have been given £1m of funding to spend over 10 years on transforming their communtiy and their neighbourhood.

Andy, Jennifer and Rob describe the project and encourage you as a local resident or person who works, volunteers or shops in Grays to get involved with this innovative and exciting initiative.