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About The Riverside Community


Riverside Community has been given £1 million Lottery Funding to help benefit the area outlined in the map. The funding is to be used as part of a scheme organised by the BIG Local to help develop a social investment within our community.

Who decides how to spend the money?

  • It is up to the residents to determine how to spend the money.

What does the Riverside Community do?

  • We get together, organise meetings and start talking
  • Find out what social investment is required in the area.
  • Research our area, ask people what they would like, questionnaires…
  • Generate plans of what we have researched and tell BIG Local how we intend to use our £1 Million funding.

How is the project managed?

  • The project is managed entirely by volunteers who spend their free time working on the Riverside Community project.

The question that needs answering

  • We have £1 million to invest in our community, what should we use it for?

If you are a resident within the Riverside Community area your help is essential, get in touch, spread the word and help change our neighbourhood.

Further information: Big Local website    |    BIG Lottery Fund

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