AGM-photoThe recent Annual General Meeting of Riverside Community Big Local was hailed a complete success having achieved all the objectives for the group on 12th May.

Being a community project, it is important that the Board is comprised of a majority of residents from the area and this was achieved at the meeting with a complement of nine local residents showing their community spirit and desire for real change in the Grays Riverside area by becoming the bedrock for the new Board. The Board is supplemented with six non-resident members.

The business of the meeting was completed with the Board, whilst retaining the broad strokes, long-term vision for the project, setting the priorities for the immediate and up-coming projects, strengthening the vision for a better and more cohesive community for Grays Riverside.

AGMThe meeting was open to the public so that people with ideas could come forward with ideas to improve the community and get an idea of what the project is all about. Although the turnout was not as large as was hoped, three ideas were presented for community projects that were filled with enough potential to be put forward for the ‘Star People’ programme which gets people access to possible funding streams and assistance to realise their ideas.

For more information on the ‘Star People’ programme, administrated by UnLtd, go to their website –