How can this resource support teacher wellbeing?

This Staff Wellbeing Positive Mental Health Resource Pack is the perfect way to provide resources for all school staff to explore ways in which they can support their own mental health and wellbeing, as well support the wellbeing of others, during challenging times and always. 

This resource pack is an informative and easy-to-use bank of resources which will support positive mental health and wellbeing within the staff team.

Why is it important to look after staff mental health?

Looking after staff mental health ensures staff can be the teachers students need. Teaching is a demanding job in which so much is given to others, it is therefore essential that staff are encouraged to take care of their own wellbeing.

This pack contains a range of ready-to-use activities, training presentations and feel-good resources that will help all in school to develop knowledge, skillls and understanding to enhance wellbeing and look after their mental health.

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